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Embed a statistical map

Integrate rich interactive statistical maps into your web portal. Get a user-friendly and simple information effect for deeper data perception and understanding.
Example from Géoclip "France découverte"

Interactive map

The map is fully interactive. You can zoom in and out, pan around your area, hover over geographical units, change indicators, etc.

Adjust the representation mode

Refine your thematic analysis by changing the colors, number of classes, discretization methods, size of symbols, etc.

Choose an area

Focus on a specific area in one click, and expand it if necessary.

Embed charts

Select a couple of relevant graphics in your Geoclip application and allow users to discover and interact with the data visualizations.

Easy access to charts

Discover perfect data representation modes, appropriate choices of colors, suitable scales and vector-quality drawings.

Interactive charts

The individual values are displayed when you move the mouse over the chart. Choose another time period in the timeline or enjoy the automatic animation of the chart according to the different periods.

Reuse of data

Export graphics in different image formats or retrieve statistical data.

Explore a selected set of territorial data according to different themes on a couple of major cities. Interact with the form to better understand the topics.


Wishing this on your own website?

You are a Géoclip administrator and you wish to provide your users with easy access to more and more territorial data? Boost your portal with modern data representation modes using the quality and accuracy of Géoclip.

Embed a full dataviz item

Gather some data visualizations to access chart compositions on a given theme in order to better understand the challenges or issues.


API Swagger Documentation

Standardized Swagger Server REST API documentation is available to discover, understand and live test the structure of the data provided. The server REST API provides access to a set of ready-to-use services:

API Metadata services

Request our Géoclip API to get plenty of metadata. Get themes, datasets, geographical data, etc. Try by retrieving the list of indicators for a given theme:
Get the json flags of the "pop - Population" theme

API zoning services

Get the list of enclosing zonings in JSON format from a geographic unit code or a geographic coordinate

API download

Download the statistical data of indicators according to the different geographic levels. Try by retrieving data about population density by municipalities.

Create your own dataviz

An entry point for the Géoclip API allows you to obtain ready-to-use tools to create your own visualizations with your favorite tools (R, D3JS, etc.) and adopt the styles that suit you.

Distribution of municipalities in the selected department

JSON data ready:


Organize your indicators according to categories and display them by automatically generated thumbnails in attractive web components. Hover the indicator then download the data in Excel format or map the indicator on the rich app.

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Attraction area zoning of cities 2020

Attraction area zoning of cities 2020

Source: Insee

Typology of population density 2018

Typology of population density 2018

Source: Insee

Main travel home - work 2017

Main travel home - work 2017

Source: Insee

Altitude of weather observatoire stations

Altitude of weather observatoire stations

Source: ECA&D

Median tax income per consumption unit

Median tax income per consumption unit (€)

Source: Insee - DGFIP - Cnaf - Cnav - CCMSA

Earthquake risk, 2019

Earthquake risk, 2019

Source: MTES - Gaspar

Average number of occupants per principal residence

Average number of occupants per principal residence

Source: Insee - RP

Unemployment rate for 15 to 64 year olds

Unemployment rate for 15 to 64 year olds (%)

Source: Insee - RP

75 years old or over - coloured circles

75 years old or over - coloured circles (%)

Source: Insee - RP


Several support services are offered to allow you to be autonomous in the Géoclip API processing on your own web portal

Training course

Learn how to use the Geoclip API from your website. We offer dedicated training sessions led by our Géoclip experts.

Support and maintenance

Questions or advice to configure your statistical map or chart? We have a platform to open a support ticket.


Clear and educational documentation is available to get to familiarize with our API.

Basic Examples

Simple code examples to get beautiful statistical mapsor chart representations in minutes.

Rich examples

Richer compositions highlighting more advanced features are proposed and documented.


Discover a real Web portal using the Géoclip API in production.


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